Michael Pender and Associates provides a range of services designed to assist companies as they enter the North American market:

Manufacturers Representative
A full range of sales, marketing and channel development services in a traditional manufacturer’s representative format.

Sales Channel Development
Complete development of your pathway to market including distribution, dealer, direct and hybrid sales models.

A full scope of services, including website development, print advertising, trade show and collateral material strategy, design and support.

Product Positioning
Review of product position in the marketplace, including competitive assessments, pricing and support strategies.

e-Commerce Solutions
Guidance and implementation of e-Commerce solutions designed to improve the customer experience and streamline order fulfillment and accounting.

Product Development
Assistance in identifying and bringing to market niche products, targeting areas underserved by current OEMs.

Business Model Review
A complete review of your current or planned business model to identify areas where operations can be streamlined, including an analysis of current or planned software systems, marketing programs, channels of distribution and e-commerce.