Services can be provided in a number of ways, including fixed cost, defined goal, commission, hourly and/or retainer basis. Fee schedules are determined and agreed upon prior to starting the engagement, and our fees and services are always transparent and open to your continual review. Our goal is your success!

Joint Venture
Targeted at building on each partner's strength through a new entity while allowing for the creation of stronger competitive units, improved speed to market, and the effective transfer of technology.

Strategic Relationships
Rather than approach the transaction as a simple link in the product supply chain, we form a closer relationship where each entity mutually participates in and brings expertise related to the project, including our deep resources in distribution, advertising, marketing, branding, product development, and other business functions.

Fixed Cost
A fixed cost for the work is determined prior to starting the engagement and is based on the scope of work to be performed.

Defined Goal
Fees are based on the accomplishment of a pre-determined goal with the fee structure paid at specific bench marks.

Typically our Manufacturer's Representative agreements are performance-based or performance-based with a retainer -- depending on the product, channel of distribution and the stage of the product's life cycle.

Time is billed against the project on an hourly basis as resources are applied to the project.

Monthly retainer, providing ongoing access to our resources.