Michael Pender and Associates specializes in assisting technology companies as they construct highly functional business models
and sales channels in North America.  We analyze under performing business practices and advise in the design, development, and implementation of new sales channels and new joint venture projects for companies poised to introduce new products to North America through
a variety of avenues -- joint venture, strategic relationship, company-owned locations and/or manufacturer's representatives.

In today's marketplace, an innovative, well-priced product is no guarantee of success.  An effective business and sales strategy requires proper selection of channel partners, well-designed contractual arrangements, functional incentives, and a vigorous commitment to long-term success. Our goal is to help structure a highly functional business model and sales channel to best penetrate your ideal market, minimizing channel conflicts while maximizing sales results and profitability.

With over twenty-five years of experience, Michael Pender and Associates is positioned to provide growth to your company through vision, innovation, hard work and determination. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our capabilities with you and your company.